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Smart Home Installation

Smart home technology gives you control over a whole host of internet connected devices. These can include, lighting, plugs, sockets, thermostats and some household appliances.

These units are connected using a Wi-Fi network and can be controlled using a central smart device, which can be a smart hub, a voice controlled smart speaker or an app on your smart phone. By connecting up a range of smart devices, your smart speaker or the app on your phone can function as a kind of remote control system for your home enabling you to control any of these devices from literally anywhere in the world.

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Smart Internal Lighting

Smart light bulbs can usually slot into the same fittings that are in most table lamps and ceiling lights, so you don’t need to buy new fixtures. They can be turned on and off, and dimmed even if your lights didn't allow dimming before. In some cases the actual light switch itself can be replaced to achieve the same effect but this option wouldn't allow you to change to colour of the lighting to set the mood in a particular room or area of interest. Lights can be programmed to automatically switch on / off at certain times of the day.

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Smart External Lighting

Lights can be programmed to turn on / off at certain times of the night to increase security. This can be beneficial if you're on holiday as this would look to the outside world that someone is home.

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Smart Socket & Plugs

As many sockets and plugs are often tucked away behind something or are at a low level, these devices make life easier to turn on / off certain appliances at the wall that would otherwise be difficult to reach. These devices can also be programmed to turn on / off at certain times of the day. You can also check on your smart phone whilst out of the property to see if anything has been left on by accident, so no more worrying or wondering if you remembered to turn something dangerous like the iron or hair straighteners off.

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Smart Thermostats / Heating Controls

You can use your smart thermostat to control your central heating using your voice command with a smart speaker or by using an app on your smart phone. It can be programmed to operate as a conventional central heating time clock to switch on / off at pre-set times of the day. Temperature can easily be increased or decreased as required with a simple voice command or a tap of the app.

Smart thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can be installed to individual radiators around the home allowing for much more control of each and every room. The TRVs can be programmed to come on at certain times of the day / night and heat up to a pre-determined temperature of your choosing saving you money by not heating the whole house at the same time. The heating in rooms can be staggered to suit your needs, e.g. bedrooms can be heated some hours after the living areas and this processed reversed in the mornings.

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Smart Security Cameras

Increase your home security by installing smart security cameras. These devices will record all events around your home and can be viewed on a smart phone from anywhere in the world. They also include a feature that if selected can send you notifications if it detects movements allowing you to quickly check on your home from wherever you may be, even if you're at home in bed.

There's also an option that the cameras have a built in microphone and speaker, allowing for a two way conversation should you require.

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Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells have become very popular. These little devices can replace your existing doorbell or be installed from new. These devices connect to your smart phone allowing you to see and talk to anyone who rings your doorbell. These devices also have built-in movement detector and can be set up to send you notifications should it detect movement. These add security to someone who might be afraid to answer the door late at night as you'll be able to see who is at your door but they can't see you or for someone who is unable to get to the door for whatever reason, you could communicate with that person using the built-in microphone and speaker.

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